The Ultimate in Protective Film Products


From carpet protection to temporary window protection, when it comes to protective film solutions for virtually any type of surface application, Poli-Film are sure to have you covered.

Using polyethylene, our surface protective films are manufactured to meet exacting specifications based on their industrial application. Made to the highest of quality standards in Poli-Film’s own production facilities our finished protective masking film products are adhesive coated or co-extruded non-coated cast films with a range of film thicknesses from 20 to 120 microns.

Under the strictest of quality controls, the surface protection films that Poli-Film makes are coated using one of three adhesive systems:


  • Natural rubber
  • Water based
  • Emulsion or solvent based acrylic



Our range of products is commonly used for applications such as:

  • Stainless steel: Our range includes products suitable for BA and mirror finish, 2B and polished as well as specific grades for laser cutting and deep draw applications
  • Aluminium : We have a diverse range suited to aluminium sheets and profiles such as mill finish, polished and anodized surfaces
  • Glass and window : We have a variety of temporary glass protection solutions specifically designed for use in our harsh climate
  • Pre-paint metals: Our high strength plastic films cover and protect all types of paint systems
  • Plastic sheets : We supply traditional adhesive coated films plus a comprehensive range of innovative non-coated coextruded cast films
  • PVC and aluminium profiles: Among the range of suitable films are natural rubber adhesives and clear water based products offering a high degree of UV resistance LDPE
  • Carpets and flooring : The width of our protection films range from 70 to 100 microns and the solutions that we provide give exceptional performance in a variety of challenging scenarios such as in exhibition halls, office fit outs and domestic applications
  • Laminates : No matter what the gloss level of your laminated surface may be, we are able to provide a solution to meet your requirements

Whatever your surface and requirements may be, Poli-Film can provide a surface protection solution. For more information phone 02 97 29 0857 or enquire online.

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